Regional Heavy Towing Services

Regional Heavy Towing provides a variety of emergency, recovery and heavy towing services in Niagara Falls, Hamilton and the surrounding areas. We have earned a solid reputation for being quick, professional, and friendly. Our rates are also quite affordable.

Heavy Towing & Recovery

Regional Heavy Towing can and has towed and transported all kind of things from rescue vehicles, to tractors, construction equipment, cranes and much more. We have the fleet to handle any task.

Flatbed Service

We provide modern and affordable flatbed services for your vehicles or load. Call us for specialty services with our flatbed service.

Tilt and Load

Our tilt and load trucks can carry 1-2 vehicles and are great at carrying damaged or exotic vehicles.

50 Ton Rotator

The rotator has an extended boom that can recovery vehicles of many sizes. The 50 ton rotator is the ultimate recovery truck and can recovery wrecks without disrupting traffic. It is complimentary to our floats and heavy flatbeds.

Roll-over with Cargo or Environmental Spills

Regional Heavy Towing is fully prepared and experience to handle all kinds of situtations involving roll-overs with cargo or envionmental spills and have contacts with authorities to handle such a distaster.

Sunken Trailers

We can recover sunken trailers from a variety of situations included loaded and unloaded trailers.